We had the pleasure of visiting AutoCamp Camp Cod in November for a truly beautiful and relaxing glamping experience. I was pleasantly surprised with the property and our experience. I never thought of myself as any type of camper but this property is so thoughtfully set up it quickly changed my mind.


From the photos on the website, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from the property but I was so pleasantly surprised when we arrived. The campsite is right off of a main windy road. The entrance is small, so be careful not to miss it. When we entered there was plenty of parking and you can see the big clubhouse right in the center. Checking in was super easy, there’s a person at the front desk 24 hours so even though this is sort of a camping experience, you still always have someone on site to help you out. The property has tents, airstream, and cabins for your stay. We chose to stay in an airstream.  The clubhouse has a gorgeous view of the water and is really a cozy spot to just hang out, have some food play some outdoor games. It’s a walking property and they have rolling carts all around so if you need to bring your things to and from where you are staying, it’s really easy to load up a cart and get around. It’s not a very large property, it’s a decent size, but definitely very walkable.

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The clubhouse is open 24 seven and there is a marketplace inside of it where you can get snacks, smores kits, wood fire, for your fire pit, water, and drinks. They even have merch like sweaters, socks, and hats. It’s very thoughtfully designed and feels really warm and cozy with that cabin feel you look for when camping. If you visit AutoCamp with a group of people and you’re staying in different airstreams, this is a really cool place where all of you guys can gather and hang out. There was even a wedding upstairs in the clubhouse while we were there and the set up looked beautiful.


Also, in the clubhouse is an area where you can order food. In the morning they have complementary granola and coffee and from 7 AM to 10 PM you can order breakfast (in the morning), lunch and dinner. It’s not an extensive menu but there’s definitely options to choose from. The only thing I would say is there were not any vegan options, so that part would be kind of tricky if you were trying to order food from there. They also sell grill kits with steak and chicken options and all the sides like mac and cheese and asparagus. You can use these grill kits to cook on your individual grill. You can grill up your chicken or your steaks and the sides are already cooked. I love that you can get a piece of the the camping experience without all the hassle. As I mentioned, there is also a little marketplace where you can egt snacks and drinks and firewood. There are also lots of restaurants driving distance nearby that are easy to get to. We opted to drive to a restaurant nearby because my sister is vegan. If I were alone I would have definitely purchased a grill kit.


I was pleasantly surprised by the airstream. You are given a key card just like a hotel to open your invidual airstream which I thought was a nice hybrid of camping and staying in a hotel. It was so thoughtfully designed and they fit so much in such a small space. All the finishes felt more upscale, especially the bathroom. It was really cute and really well done. It really felt like a boutique hotel room and with the two of us it was definitely enough space. It’s not a place I would stay with someone I wasn’t very familiar with though as it’s obviously very close quarters. The queen bed was also very comfortable and we had enough storage for all of our things in the built in closet without having them all over the room. The heat worked really great which was amazing because visited in late fall when it was on the colder side. Overall it just felt really cozy. I love that we had our own private patio and grill and fire pit. It’s actually somewhere I would personally stay by myself for some recharging me time. The airstream is also equipped with a kitchenette including utensils, dinnerware, a tea kettle, a cast iron skillet (too cook on the fire pit/grill), and a microwave. It felt really safe, and really serene.


There are a few different activities you can do on and around the campsite and depending on the time of year, the offerings change. We decided to rent bikes, which was complementary for two hours, and go on a bike ride. There’s a bike trail right behind the property which is amazing so convenient to get to and the views are absolutely stunning. I love bike riding so much. It gives me so much joy and coupled with the views, it was the best experience. So relaxing so fulfilling. We also did yoga on our second day there which was surprisingly amazing and a great way to start the day. It was just the two of us in a tent and felt like a private session. I know they also offer kayaking and other events like music by the firepit at the clubhouse. You can check their website to see what activities they offer at the time of your stay. You also can book ahead of your stay to secure your spot.

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The views, oh the views! I’ve been going to Cape Cod since I was a kid and honestly I didn’t appreciate it until I got much older. It is so so beautiful. From the marshes to the ocean and everything in between. We went at a great time because we got to also see everything with the fall foliage as the backdrop. We took moments to stop and just take it all in and enjoy this scenic place. There’s something so freeing about being in nature.

The property is also really close to the Martha’s Vineyard ferry so the next day we decided to hop on the ferry and take a day trip to the island. I had never been in the Fall before and it’s my absolute favorite place to visit, so we were excited that we were able to go so easily. Check out the next blog post HERE to see our trip to Martha’s Vineyard.

Overall, I would say I absolutely loved AUTOCAMP. We had the best time the staff was super friendly and super helpful. They also set it up where you can text them if you need anything and they can bring it to you. They can also help you set up your fire so don’t worry if you’re not experienced in that area! They can pretty much help you with anything. It’s definitely a place I would recommend I will definitely go back and visit. If you’re not a big camper but you would be into glamping, this is the place for you. They also have other locations around the country so you should check out their website to see if there’s a location near you.

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