Starting Fresh With Soma

After having my daughters’, my breasts never went back to their normal size. Most women around me complained that their breasts got smaller after breastfeeding but I learned there are some women whose breasts do not go back and stay larger. Turns out I fall into that category. I was a 32D before kids and after kids and breastfeeding, I am now a 32DD. Meaning my bras no longer fit me anymore. So with the start of the new year, I decided to refresh my top drawer and get all new bras. Thank you Soma for coming in right in time to send me some! The fit of these bras is SO GOOD. They are perfect for women with larger bust. They hold me up so well and are really comfortable. The quality is great as well. I feel so good in them and speaking as a person who never wore bras pre-kids, they have changed the game for me now that I have to wear bras. I feel more confident in my clothes and I’m so happy I finally got to try out these Soma bras. I am definitely a fan and will continue to shop at Soma when I need new bras! If you have been looking to upgrade your bras, take this as a sign and try Soma.

Shop Them HERE

Shop Them HERE

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