Central Perk Boston

Ok so if your a big FRIENDS fan like me you will be amped for this new cafe they opened up in Boston on Newbury St. Ah! A Central Perk themed cafe. When me and my sister found out it was opening we literally marked our calendars. When we finally made it out to visit the cafe it did not disappoint. It doesn’t look just like the Friends Cafe on TV but it’s very nostalgic offering insider quotes on the menu and little nods to the show throughout the decor int he cafe. It’s one of those places you order your food pick up in the next window and then sit down to eat so if you want to see in a specific spot and you go during a busy time, I suggest bringing a friend to hold your seat.

After we got over the nostalgic decor, the thing that really got us was how good the pastries and drinks were. This cafe is not just niche, it’s actually GOOD, which made my little heart happy. It’s definitely worth visiting even if you don’t like or watch Friends just for the ambiance and drinks. And it’s now my go to spot whenever I’m on Newbury st now.

(Please note its not stroller friendly so you will have to leave your stroller outside on Newbury st unless you have someone to help bring it down the stairs so I suggest not brining one if that makes you uncomfortable)

Central Perk Coffee Co, 205 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

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